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Micro Nataraja Shiva Statue-1.5 Inches Tall

Micro Nataraja Shiva Statue-1.5 Inches Tall

Adorable mini Shiva brass statue in this adorable micro Nataraj pose! These are perfect for altars, shrines, sacred spaces, bookcases, windowsills... anywhere you want him! Perfectly cast, these adorable Shiva statues will bring peace and comfort to your heart and mind. 

* 1.5 inches tall
* Made of Solid Brass
* Made in India

The Nataraj pose of Shiva is iconic and representative of Hinduism all over the world. As the Lord of Dance, Shiva performs the Dance of Bliss known as the Ananda Tandava; the dance in which the universe is created, maintained and dissolved.

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